Infamous Hall of

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The Infamous List of Christian Terrorist Organizations, Leaders and Their Terrorist Cells Around the World

(This page is not meant to shame or embarrass Christian leaders or their ministries, it is meant to move them from their lukewarm waters which are destroying God's people and the rest of the world. The originator of this list went through his time in which he ignorantly terrorized many people with the hideous and evil teaching of Hell. For six years, he terrorized his family, friends and anyone who would listen. Looking back to that time, I clearly qualified as a "terrorist" in every sense of the word. So does everyone who tells people or supports people that tell others they are going to burn forever in Hell if they don't repent. I have spent many years since my hellfire days studying this subject and have found the teaching of Hell to be utterly unscriptural in the original languages of the Bible. The majority of the early believers and church leaders did not teach Hell, they taught, "apokatastasis," that is, the "restoration of all things." (Acts 3:21) See: Early Church Teaching <>.

Please read the following prayerfully and slowly: "Oh, God please don't send me to Hell! I'll do anything ,anything, but please don't burn me forever."

The teaching of Hell is the most abominable, Satanically inspired teaching ever perpetrated upon mankind. It has caused more harm to human beings than any other invention. Hell is Satan's best shot at marring the glorious image of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Much of the terrorism in the world comes through Christians who have been taught a false concept of God. They have become like the god they have been taught to worship -- an utter failure! They, themselves are terrorized and they go about terrorizing others thinking they are just "evangelizing."

Since I left the Hell-fire church and began to help people overcome the religious brainwashing they have been subjected to, I have gotten many letters, phone calls and emails from people whose experience in Christianity caused gentle-souled persons like this one to “vomit alone in my apartment, certain I was elected for damnation by a cruel God who would laugh at me hysterically while I was ripped apart, eaten, fried, raped, and in every other imaginable way, tortured in hell”? He writes further, “I had long seriously considered killing myself in order to get out from under the emotional oppression and desperation of thoughts of my own damnation. The fear drove me to the point of complete insanity. I blew a solid three years of my youth (21-23) continuously contemplating my damnation and meanwhile lost friends, burdened family members, and drove my girlfriend away. I have yet to regain even a slight measure of what I lost. I was downing antidepressants and curling up in fetal position most nights bawling and praying that God would have mercy on me and unharden my heart so that I might actually be granted faith in Him, instead of Him willing me into reprobation and, therefore, everlasting, merciless torment and pure insanity in hell. Even now my walk with God is weak."

Read more testimonials how the doctrine of Hell terrorizes and victimizes people at: Hellish  Testimonials <>

According to the young man who wrote the above, it was ministers preaching a God of love who brought him to the state of wanting to die. This God he was taught supposed loved everybody and yet was going to endlessly punish most of those He created who had not said the right words or didn't mean them or didn't do the right deeds like tithe or go to church or who did the wrong deeds like have sex out of marriage or who joined the wrong church, or believed in the wrong kind of Jesus – this kind of preaching which one hears from hundreds of thousands of churches around the world is what drove this young man to wanting to die. But he was too afraid to die because of the horrible fate he was certain awaited him. This poor young man was terrorized!

Thousands of people have committed suicide because of the Hell-fire preaching they have heard. Millions of people want nothing to do with Jesus because of the Hell-fire message they heard in church, at home, on television or radio. They were terrorized!

Women like Andrea Yates have killed their own children before the age of accountability for fear they would go to hell if they lived beyond that age. Why did they kill their children? To save them from eternal damnation. They were terrorized by preachers of doom!

What would cause young Christian men and women, who think they are following Jesus Christ who commanded them to “love their enemies” and “do good to those who persecute you” to go around the world killing hundreds of thousands of unsaved people. These deluded Christian soldiers have been taught in their churches that those they kill will be tormented day and night forever and ever without any hope of relief if they die without first "being born again?" Jesus said true Christians, true disciples, were to overcome their enemies with love even as He overcame His enemies with love. What would drive a young Christian man to think that killing unsaved people around the world was doing God's will?

Do you know how many thousands of young men are terrorized for life by what they were exposed to and asked to do in the name of country and god? Do you know what it is like to spend months being programmed by men to become killing machines while having in your heart the knowledge that a Christian is to overcome their enemies with love? These poor soldiers were triple terrorized. First they were terrorized by their ministers who fed them hypocritical lies and confusion about a God who tells them to overcome their enemies with love while He eternally terrorizes His in burning flames. Then they were terrorized by drill sergeants who are taught to turn these sensitive young men and women into killing machines. And finally they were terrorized by the realization that they had either killed or contributed in killing men, women and children who would, according to what they had been taught in church, will spend eternity being terrorized forever in ways unfathomable to the human heart! And according to the theology they received, it was God who invented this diabolical place called Hell. These poor deluded soldiers who terrorize the world for American Pride and service to their god, are prodded along by military Christian chaplains and Jewish Rabbis. These poor men and woman have been brutalized! And we wonder why they return from the battlefields sick and demented as they protect "American interests" in foreign countries. We wonder why they become chronic alcoholics and drug addicts. We wonder why they often commit suicide or commit murder after their time in the military. We wonder why their family lives often greatly suffer.

These poor brainwashed young men and woman were TERRORIZED by ministers, by “men of the cloth,” who injected into them "traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect." (Matt. 5:6-9) These ministers thought they were representing Christ, but they were actually feeding God's children “doctrines of demons!” These young impressionable young men and woman were terrorized by drill sergeants. They were terrorized by mercenaries of powerful men and women who use soldiers as "cannon fodder" for their own gain.

How can a God who said He came to save the world –Who said He accomplished what He came to do (draw all mankind to Himself) end up terrorizing 99 percent of all humanity by burning them alive forever in a lake of fire!? Satan is the author of confusion, not Jesus. This doctrine which says that God is love and yet has allowed a course to run in which almost all of those He created will be ultimately estranged from Him is NOT sound doctrine, it does not bring peace to the soul, it TERRORIZES people! And it is perhaps the greatest lie Satan has ever perpetrated on this planet.

Think about what kind of attitude and insensitivity is injected into the hearts of God's people when exposed to teachings for hundreds of centuries of these kinds of words and images. This is the Hell taught by the "greats" of the church. Of the modern preachers of Hell have cleaned up the language. They have modernized Hell but their cleaner act still makes God a loser:

"That the saints may enjoy their beatitude more thoroughly, and give more abundant thanks to God for it, a perfect sight of punishment of the damned is granted them." Summa iii Suppl. Qu 93, i., St. Thomas Aquinas

"Therefore the elect shall go forth…to see the torments of the impious, seeing which they will not be grieved, but will be satiated with joy at the sight of the unutterable calamity of the impious." Sent. Iv 50, ad fin, Peter Lombard, the Master of Sentences

Martin Luther (when questioned whether the Blessed will not be saddened by seeing their nearest and dearest tortured answers), “Not in the least.”

Andrew Welwood (speaks of the saints as being) “overjoyed in beholding the vengeance of God,” and their beholding of the smoke of the torment of the wicked as “a passing delectation.”

“At that greatest of all spectacles, that last and eternal judgment how shall I admire, how laugh, how rejoice, how exult, when I behold so many proud monarchs groaning in the lowest abyss of darkness; so many magistrates liquefying in fiercer flames than they ever kindled against the Christians; so many sages philosophers blushing in red-hot fires with their deluded pupils; so many tragedians more tuneful in the expression of their own sufferings; so many dancers tripping more nimbly from anguish then ever before from applause." Tertullian

"They who shall enter into [the] joy [of the Lord] shall know what is going on outside in the outer darkness. . .The saints'. . . knowledge, which shall be great, shall keep them acquainted. . .with the eternal sufferings of the lost." Augustine

“Reprobate infants are vipers of vengeance, which Jehovah will hold over hell, in the tongs of his wrath, till they turn and spit venom in his face!” Jonathan Edwards

“The view of the misery of the damned will double the ardour of the love and gratitude of the saints of heaven.” Jonathan Edwards

"There are babies a span long in hell." John Calvin

"When thou diest, thy soul will be tormented alone; that will be a hell for it, but at the day of judgment they body will join they soul, and then thou wilt have twin hells, thy soul sweating drops of blood, and thy body suffused with agony. In fire exactly like that which we have on earth thy body will lie, asbestos-like, forever unconsumed, all they veins roads for the feet of pain to travel on, every nerve a string on which the devil shall forever play his diabolical tune of 'Hell's Unutterable Lament.'" Sermon on the Resurrection of the Dead C. H. Spurgeon

" and pity for hell's occupants will not enter our hearts." J.I. Packer in article "Hell's Final Enigma" in "Christianity Today Magazine, April 22,2002.

“These unhappy children of wrath not only suffer during eternity, but they suffer eternity during each moment of their existence. Eternity is engraven on the flames which torment them…O tormenting thought! O miserable condition! To burn for ever! To weep for ever! To rage for ever!” Meditations, translated for English Roman Catholics -- Bonhour

"It is infinitely beyond the highest archangel's faculty to apprehend a thousandth part of the horror of the doom to eternal damnation.” John Foster.

For more such hideous quotes <>

Dear brothers and sisters of the world, Christian or otherwise, the quotes above were not from some deranged, sick, twisted little wannabe preachers. These words, which can be multiplied by the millions throughout the centuries were spoken by what the church considers "the greats" of Christian orators and ministers! What else but terrorized minds and hardened hearts can be produced in people who are exposed to these kinds of graphically violent and perverted words? Terrorized people become terrorists! Little wonder, then, that "Christian nations" with their "Christian armies" have inflicted some of the most cruel behavior upon the "unsaved savages" of the world.

Years ago, I, (Gary Amirault,) did a series of articles under the name "The World, a Reflection of the Church" <>. This series showed clear parallels between major problems in the world and problems in the church. I concluded that if the church got its act together, the world would follow suit. When Jonah, God's man, got severely dealt with by God, and finally did what God asked him to do in Nineveh (where those heathen sinners lived), what happened? Everyone repented and was saved,-- that is, healed -- made healthy by turning to God. It is a good 'parable' to consider regarding our present world situation. America today, is over in a type of ' Nineveh ', (Iraq) not under a vine complaining about the mercy of God, but blowing up the very people Jesus commanded us to set free through laying down our lives for them!

Today, the words "stopping terrorism" are George Bush and company's drum beat to keep the masses in fear. The modern "Judeo-Christian ethic" obviously does not believe that unbelievers like Moslem can be changed by mercy and love. They obviously don't care about these people's souls in the after-life or the quality of their lives here on earth. What Israelis do to Palestinians today is nothing less than what the Nazi's did to the Jews during WW II.

Christians and Jews are at the front of this campaign of world terror. We are being made to fear 'them,' the "enemy," because they supposedly hate our freedom. Yet ironically Westerners, particularly Americans, are slowly but surely giving away their freedoms and liberties unknowingly to a handful of 'tyrants' because we believe them when they tell us that we are under the constant threat of terrorists from the Islamic world who want to destroy our freedoms and Democracy. Yet it is this very administration that has done more to plant terror into our minds and the rest of the world, than the "enemy" this crowd is hawking.

I was born in Germany . I know a little more about how a handful of tyrants and fear-mongers through propaganda and false flag operations can put the masses into a hysteria designed to move them to support the most awful evils imaginable. Germany was the center of the Protestant "Christian" Reformation. Germany should have been the last nation of earth to behave the way it did. I am seeing the signs here in the US and countries like Britain and Israel that parallel the actions in Germany before Hitler took full control of the masses. We still have time to wake up before we fully become the very thing we hate—total terrorists, controlled by a terrorist government. Jews and Christians are quickly becoming exactly like the very things they hate and say they stand against!

Too much of the world already rightly sees this supposedly 'Christian' nation as terrorists. How could this possibly have come about? One would think such a thing would be impossible. And yet it has happened.

The non-Jewish, non-Christian world is looking upon the actions of Western Jews and Christians and are absolutely astounded by what they are witnessing. Surely Mahatma Gandhi's statement applies more today than ever before:

“If it weren't for Christians, I'd be a Christian.”

Think about it. We say on one hand that God is love and wants us to forgive fully and be at peace even with our enemies, but on the other hand he will eternally torment most of mankind (his enemies), who didn't do the right thing to “get saved.” Of course, the “right thing” varies from denomination to denomination and even from pastor to pastor within a denomination. These terrorists love to misquote, “Broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life.” These terrorists use verses like this to mean very few human beings will be saved when it is all said and done. Some of these devilish tormentors are even more sadistic. Not only are there scarcely any which will be saved, but according to them (Calvinists), most of mankind was purposed by God for the eternal barbeque pit. And there is nothing they can do to change that. Terrorists like Jonathan Edwards, whose famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” actually made the history books, caused compassion-filled listeners to go home and hang themselves after hearing Edwards dangle them over eternal flames during his sermons. Many denominations of Christianity embrace this “Reformed” teaching of double-predestination. Some of the most famous Christian theologians like John Calvin, D. James Kennedy, A.W. Pink., Charles Spurgeon, George Whitefield taught this terrorizing doctrine.

But regardless of whether the terrorist preaches an Armenian or Calvinistic flavor of this deadly poison, the result for those who teach it, for those who hear it and for those who are in countries who are influenced by the teaching, the result of it is terror, death and utter hypocrisy!

Our “poison,” that is “Christian doctrines” based upon the “traditions of men” and “doctrines of demons” have poisoned our minds. Since we are God's present representatives on earth and have tremendous clout and authority, we have poisoned the world as well as ourselves. The “terrorism” in the Middle East is merely a reflection of Christian and Jewish terrorism. We are getting back what we have sown. “An eye for an eye” will produce a lot of one-eyed people. Since the traditional Christian image of god is one who is justified in tormenting his enemies while saying that His nature is really love, then we feel perfectly justified in tormenting and killing our perceived enemies. We have become like the god we worship. Or put another way, we have conformed God into our own vengeful, corrupt, small greedy hearts. But is that really the True Father's heart?

Christianity seems to have followed the exact path as Judaism. After God dealing with Israel for 1600 years, according to Jesus they ended up "making the word of God of no effect by their traditions." They invented laws and traditions which superseded the Mosaic law thus negating the law turning them into the biggest hypocrites and deceivers this world has ever seen. Jesus speaking of the Jewish religious leaders who accused Jesus of being a bastard while claiming to be sons of Abraham, Jesus said,

"Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:43, 44, NIV)

Jesus came to Israel at the appointed time, He cleansed the House of Israel through teaching, healing and casting out demons to prepare it to receive the Holy Spirit. But most of Israel, especially the political and religion and economic leadership refusing Him. Speaking of the House of Israel, Jesus prophesied,

"When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. 25 And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. 26 Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first." (Luke 11:24-26, KJV)

Just before the destruction of Jerusalem, which Jesus predicted in Matthew Chapters 23 and 24, those Jews who received the Holy Spirit and remembered Jesus' prophesy, left Israel and went to Pella, Syria and escaped the slaughter. After Jesus cleansed the House of Israel, removed those who received Him to Syria, the prophesy about the unclean spirit returning bringing seven worse than himself along. Here is how Josephus, the Jewish Priest who wrote a history of the destruction of Israel describes the last generation of Jews under the Mosaic Covenant:

“It is therefore impossible to go distinctly over every instance of these men's iniquity. I shall therefore speak my mind here at once briefly:—That neither did any other city ever suffer such miseries, nor did any age ever breed a generation more fruitful in wickedness than this was, from the beginning of the world.” (Josephus War of the Jews, Book Five—Chapter 10—Paragraph 5)

“And here I cannot but speak my mind, and what the concern I am under dictates to me, and it is this: I suppose, that had the Romans made any longer delay in coming against these villains, that the city would either have been swallowed up by the ground opening upon them, or been overflowed by water, or else been destroyed by such thunder as the country of Sodom perished by, for it had brought forth a generation of men much more atheistical than were those that suffered such punishments; for by their madness it was that all the people came to be destroyed.” (Josephus, War of the Jews, Book 5—Chapter 13—Paragraph 6— The Great Slaughters And Sacrilege That Were In Jerusalem)

The remnant of the Jewish leaders of this corrupt generation would regroup in Jamnia, Israel in 90 A.D. to invent modern "Rabbinic Judaism." The very traditions of men which "make the world of God of no effect" which were spoken orally in Jesus' day, would be put into writing and greatly enhanced, adding many slurrs against Jesus and non-Jews which would become the primary religious literature of Judaism up to this very day. The reader will not find a copy of the Jewish Talmud in their local library because it contains elitist, racist, hypoctritical material that Jews do not want non-Jews to read. There are even quotes within the Talmud forbidding non-Jews from reading it. These very writings, which Jesus said made the word of God of no effect are the very laws of modern Judaism. Furthermore, influential Jews in the Western world are trying to get the whole world under their own corrupt, hypocritical legal structure. They have made much progress. That is why modern Christianity looks so much like Pharisaic Judaism today. That is why Christianity looks so hypocritical today. Believe me when I say that future generations will look at the "Judeo-Christian ethic" as one of the most diabolical ethical systems man has ever invented! True Christianity is not a reformed Judaism. True Christianity is not even a religion, it is a living relationship with a Living God!

Jews and Christians in America, Britain and Israel are beating the “terror” drum to death. It spews out of our mouths like a New York City cesspool. “Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.” You see, it is not “faith” that is coming out of our hearts, it is fear – terror. “Perfect love casts our fear.” It should be obvious for thinking people that something is terribly wrong with Jewish and Christian thinking regarding the Middle East . Today Jews and Christians are in a crusade against "them," that is, those evil Moslems. Christians have had three other Crusades before. Obviously, we learned nothing from them. Will we continue our terror campaign against the Buddhists and Hindus after we bomb the Moslem world back to the Dark Ages?

Institutional Christianity has terrorized the world for centuries with its teaching of a Hell of Everlasting Torment which is NOT in the original languages of the Bible.

Millions of human beings have been driven to the brink of insanity through this abominable teaching which has turned the image of the Savior of the world into an image so hideous that some people find Satan more tolerable than the traditional Christian view of god. Even Hitler with all his evil doings is better than that god preached erroneously by most Christians today. Most Christians, for many centuries have been taught and have passed onto their children the teaching that if one doesn't accept Christ before they die, they will be tortured for all eternity in a place called Hell which God created for that very purpose. Clearing away the double-talk-- traditional churches have taught a loving and just God who commands us to overcome our enemies with love, but who, in the end, will become the biggest hypocrite in the universe by consigning the vast majority of mankind to everlasting flames. God says His mercy triumphs over judgment. (James 2:13) The traditional church and its millions of 'terrorist teaching' cells say otherwise.

On the one hand, Christians are taught to evangelize, to win souls for Christ through showing them His love. On the other hand, millions of Christians are taught it is honorable and respectable to go over to foreign countries full of unbelievers and kill them to protect "our interests" in their lands. Sadly, "our interests" is not people, it's oil and other natural resources! We have bee seduced by Israel and American Jews to send Christian soldiers to the Middle East to do Israel's dirty work. Jesus said one cannot serve God AND Mammon. Going to other countries to kill their citizens so we can drive our SUV's is serving the god of Mammon. Millions of Christians who claim they accept Christ's teachings have no problem going to war to kill millions of non-believers even though Jesus taught:

"You have heard it said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemies.' But I say to you love your enemies..." (Matt 5:43-44)

Reader, be honest. Have Christians, in general, fulfilled this commandment of Christ? The answer obviously is no! Why? Because they have been taught vengeance based teachings from the Old Testament instead of the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus in the New Testament. The Church has become Judaized, mixing law and grace. It's full of the spirit of revenge just like Israel is. Reread what Jesus and the apostle to the nations said about the spirit of the Pharisees. Modern Rabbinic Judaism and its foundational teachings are directly descended from the Pharisees of Jesus' day. The spirit behind modern Judaism is revenge. It is also the Spirit of Islam. That apparently is also the spirit of much of the modern church. But is that what Jesus and Paul taught?

“You have heard it said, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life.”

Where did they hear that? From the Mosaic Law! From Judaism! And that is where we hear the same words from today, only millions of Christians have added their voices to this diabolical call to revenge and preemptive murder. Now the Jew is trapped by his tradition. He can find "life for a life," that is revenge in the Jewish Scriptures and in his traditions. But Christians, through grace, were to be set free from the spirit of vengeance! But instead of leading the world out of the spirit of vengeance, Christianity has surrendered itself to the same killing spirit that has Jews and Moslems in bondage to death.

Think about this: Jews today want to make sure they 'never again' are innocently and randomly tortured and killed. So they are preemptively murdering and killing innocent victims (many are actually Christian Palestinians, Lebanese Christian, Iraqi Christians) before their perceived enemies can do it to them. They have become like the very thing they hate. The hate in their hearts has fully ripened. Most Jews from birth are taught they are the "chosen people," and misunderstand what they were chosen for. They are often taught that the world hates them, that they must defend themselves because in the end -- that the whole world is against them. They are taught by many Rabbis and political leaders that the nation of Israel is to be filled with Jews (atheist or otherwise), and are to wait for the Messiah. Many have been taught that they, collectively ARE the Messiah. They have been chosen to rule the world with an iron rod.

Through Talmudic teachings, the “traditions of men” Jesus warned about, millions of Jews, fully expect to rule the world from Israel . They (Jews only), are “chosen.” The rest of mankind is not. They are a lesser species created to serve Jews and the state of Israel . There are hundreds of examples of this form of teaching in Jewish Sacred literature. And millions of Christian Zionists have bought into this racist and elitist nonsense! Americans have supported this racist enterprise with hundreds of billions of tax dollars. Christian 'terrorist' cells all across America , called "churches," defend torturing and killing non-Christian people in the Middle East and call it patriotism. They even support killing Christians as long as they are Arabs. Through a media controlled by elitists who want to control the world, we, Christians, have been brainwashed into thinking we are doing God's work in the Middle East, when in fact, Satan couldn't be more pleased with our support of the murdering, lying and stealing that is going on in God's name. There is very little difference between the state of Nazi, Germany and modern Israel in its treatment of Palestinians, Lebanese and other Middle East countries but the Western media will never bring this information out.

George Bush called North Korea, Iran and Iraq the "Axis of Evil." I think countries that promote "religions of revenge" would be better candidates for being "Axis of Evil." Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all religions of revenge. The United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia might be appropriate countries for such a title with Britain being a good runner-up.

What is more terrifying-- cutting off a man's head or dropping thousands of bombs at a time vaporizing and maiming hundreds of thousands of civilians and then destroying any infrastructure so those alive remain devastated? If one hasn't been propagandized, the answer is obvious. Is collective punishment for entire nations because they contain a handful of terrorists civilized? Is it in Christ's teachings? It most certainly is in the arsenal of weapons of choice among Israelis and American Jews and Right Wing Christians. But most of us Christians raised in the West have been bombarded with messages from the media and the pulpits that have duped us into thinking that killing innocent women and children by the tens of thousands in the Middle East and other parts of the world is acceptable and desirable by our God. May God have mercy on our souls! We must all humble ourselves before God and wake up before it is too late. Pray about this and see 2Chron 7:14. The repentance needed is greater than most of us can imagine for God's people to get it right, so the world can see the love of their Creator and be healed!

Imagine a young soldier raised in a Christian home, taught to spread the "Good News to all peoples" sent to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq or God knows where else crazed leaders sent our youth to die -- this young man is taught that all those who do not accept Jesus Christ before they die will end up in a place of eternal torment. He is commanded by a Christian President and a Senate and Congress that has a Christian chaplain and a military with thousands of Christian Chaplins to go to another country, not to give them the Gospel, but to kill them. According to what this young man is taught by the church, anyone he killed who was not a born-again Christian automatically goes to eternal damnation. It is bad enough to be responsible for killing a person, but to be responsible for sending a person into eternal flames to be writhing endlessly without hope of escape is enough to drive young men and women crazy. THAT is why there are so many thousands of veterans who need psychological help that there are not enough rooms in VA hospitals for them. They become alcoholics and drug addicts and suicide cases! These poor young men have been terrorized by Christian ministers and government and military leaders all the way to their graves!

There is a very sinister death dance being danced by Zionist Jews and Christians which is spinning this entire planet out of alignment. Right wing Christians claim they love Israel and the Jewish people because they interpret certain Old Testament scriptures as stating that those who touch the Jews will receive God's wrath. Therefore, they rubber stamp everything Israel does and requests from the American government. Yet at the same time, these Right Wing Conservative Christians hate the negative effects liberal Jews have had upon the moral fiber of American society. They do NOT like the power Jews wield in the media, Hollywood, education, military and politics. They hope to see an end to all the liberal Jewish influence soon. They expect very shortly for all Jews to be forced to Israel. There the majority of them will be killed in the Battle of Armageddon finally being avenged of having to tolerate them for so long.

The Jews know how these Christians feel. They have heard the Nixon transcripts and have heard comments like those Billy Graham said behind closed doors that Jews are a serious problem to America. Men like Jerry Falwell, who flies around the country in a jet provided from Israel for the pro-Israel propaganda he peddles around the United States, don't really love Jews nor Israel. Men like John Hagee don't have a real love for Jews or Israel. It's all a front! They can't wait to see the majority of Jews killed in the Great Battle. Jews know the latent, pent up hate that flows in these men. And these Right Wing Christian Zionists know the corruption of American society which they attribute to liberal Jews. Both Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists are using each other. They face each other in their death dance with smiles upon their faces, but daggers behind their backs. But because both Jews and Right Wing Christians have so much power in the United States, Britain and Israel, these two forces are creating a problem that can do great damage to the entire planet. If Christians had not been deceived by the doctrine of Hell which set them up for this kind of eschatology, we would not have the kind of problem we now have in the Middle East. America would not be blindly supporting a clearly racist and elitist state like Israel. If Christians truly held to the teaching that we must learn to love even our enemies even as Christ loved AND forgave ALL of His enemies, then America, supposedly a Christian nation, would not be doing what it is in the world, especially in Middle East.

The traditional teaching of Hell has positioned millions of Christians into supporting some of the most abominable acts imaginable. Nations we are called to “save” through the gospel and through laying down our lives, we are now ravaging and destroying in the name of freedom, Democracy, and God. The "heathen," according to the Scriptures, are our inheritance! We are to be a blessing to them! What have we done to them! What are we saying to them?

God's love never fails, but ours has. It is not too late to repent and turn this evil around.

This page is an indictment against hundreds of thousands of churches and millions of Christian leaders who teach, encourage or promote the diabolically inspired teaching of everlasting punishment in a place called Hell. There are too many to list them all. The purpose of this page is to wake some people up. Yes, it's forceful. Yes, it's “in the face.” But it's needful! If you don't believe me, read Matthew Chapter 23.

For information proving this teaching of everlasting punishment comes from Satan and not from the prophets, Jesus or His apostles, nor the Bible visit:

Specific articles and books that would be helpful to begin a serious study on this world problem that needs to be immediately addressed:
One Hundred Scriptural Proofs That Jesus Christ Will Save the World
The Case Against Hell
The Origin and History of Endless Punishment
Early Christian View of the Savior
Universalism, the Teaching of the Early Church
The Bible Hell
Inventors and Perpetrators of Hell

We hope this page will make a big dent into the terrible abuse the Institutional Church has heaped upon mankind! The purpose of this page is not to disgrace or shame these ministries senselessly. Our aim is to get them to repent. To study this out. To consider that perhaps they have been duped themselves. We hope all of them will eventually stop teaching the terrorizing doctrine of everlasting punishment.

 The teaching of Hell is an abominable doctrine which perverts the very nature and image of the incorruptible God. I can't think of anything more Satanic than doctrines that twist the character of God to be so hideous that compassionate people could not embrace Him. And there are billions around the world who want nothing to do with Christ and the Bible because of the teachings and actions of those who say they are Christ's representatives on the earth!

Please pray for leadership of these organizations. The head man or woman can bring incredible change in the world if we can change their hearts and minds. Jesus prayed for them. He also wept over Jerusalem -- a city of priests -- the city which was to represent God's authority in the earth. But He also railed against them and prophesied their doom!

"O, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate!" (Matt. 23:37, 38)

The nation of Israel misrepresented Yahweh to the nations for 1600 before the Messiah came and they misrepresent Him even today. And her daughters, hundreds of thousands of churches have followed in Israel's footsteps. If Jesus came in disguised form into the typical church and spoke the Truth, He would be thrown out as quickly as Israel killed the prophets sent to her. If Jesus visited Israel today, he would be treated like a Palestinian, only fit to be shot for target practice.

Jesus' enemies were not the heathen nations -- His enemies were the leadership of His own people who had substituted a false image of Who He really was. The same is true today. Jesus railed against the Pharisees, Sadducees, lawyers (doctors of the Bible), and scribes (Bible teachers) and others in authority who had made the word of God of no effect through their teachings. God's sheep were terrorized and led to the slaughter 2,000 years ago. The Spirit of the Living God was upon Jesus the Messiah of Israel and the world to "set the captive free." He came only to the "house of Israel." THERE is where the captives were, trapped by religious traditions that perverted the true image of God. That system of perverted leadership was utterly destroyed in 70AD. But that system after a few hundred years, has returned in even greater force once again using His Name. Only instead of using the name of Judaism to perpetuate its evil, it has now also almost completely infiltrated the Christian Church. It must be exposed for the evil it is.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph. 6:12)

These terrorist organizations must be brought down. They may be named by the single man or woman who started them. But they are systems, systems of incredible influence upon the minds of human beings, cells of darkness, far worse than terrorist cells in the Middle East. I realize that many of the leaders in these Christian Terrorists Organizations are brainwashed themselves -- that they do not realize they are Satan's emmissaries. However, they have made themselves untouchable. They have insulated themselves from the Truth. They will not look at the plain evidence all over the internet that what they are teaching is error. They like the kingdom they have built. They like their salaries and reputation.

To admit they were wrong and change their teaching will destroy the system they have built because it was built upon fear. Look at Carlton Pearson, a man raised under the teachings of Hell, who perpetuated the teaching for years. At the height of his prominence, he got the revelation that the teaching of Hell was false. What happened to him when he began to speak the truth? He lost just about everything and was immediately labeled a heretic by those who continued to promote the Hell teaching. Do you think they were not aware of what happened to Carlton Pearson? Oh, they were aware of it aright! And that is one of the major reasons these leaders do not even want to look at the scriptural and historical evidence proving that the teaching of Hell is a pagan myth inherited by the church through the Roman Catholic Church "christianizing" every abomination it picked up from pagan religions just prior to and during the Dark Ages.

These leaders need some cold water splashed on their faces. And that is the purpose of this page -- to force them to look at the teaching of Hell and everlasting punishment more closely -- to force them to examine their motives. Yes, I realize I am offending them. The truth will anger them. The truth brings wrath. Look at what the Truth did to the Pharisees. It got them mad. Did that prevent Jesus from speaking the truth. Look at what the truth did to Stephen the first martyr. Did that prevent him from releasing the words of the Holy Spirit rebuking the highest authorities in Israel?

The teaching of universal salvation is clearly in all Bible translations, but the teaching of Hell is NOT in all Bible translations. This must become an issue. This must be brought out into the open. To everything there is a season -- it's time to confront Hellish teachings in the Church. It's time to storm the "gates of Hell/hades" and discover what is behind those gates. The world will be amazed!

A word to all of you Protestants. Can you not see that the Roman Catholic Church was wrong and still is regarding many key doctrines of Christ? Can you not see that even within the Protestant movement, changes continually happen? Much truth has been restored to the body of Christ in the last few centuries. And much more is ahead. (see image at bottom of the page.) The Truth that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind, not some, is a truth that most come forth in this generation. It is the hope of the world and it's time has come to return to the body of Christ. The prophets and apostles of old taught it. It is time for its restoration. (Acts 3:21)

“The prayers of a righteous person avail much.” Pray that God convicts the leadership of organized Christianity. Pray that they have the scales of tradition removed from their eyes. Pray that their hearts are circumcised from a hard cruel image of God. But also be bold in no longer tolerating their false images. Tear them down, not with violence, but with violent prayers and bold words. Do not use the sword of the hand but the sword of the Spirit, a righteous tongue! Speak the truth in love understanding that sometimes the truth does not sound loving. (See Matthew chapter 23)

Stop these Christian Terrorist Organizations and Church Leaders that perpetuate the Satanically Inspired Teaching of a Hell of Everlasting Torments:

 Any Church, denomination, para-church organization, evangelists, church leaders who teach that God is going to endlessly burn, or endlessly punish or even annihilate a single person on this planet -- their names belong to the Christian Terrorist Organization of the world page. The reader knows who they are. Is your church one of them? Is your pastor one of them? Are you one of them? Do you terrorize people without really being aware of it? He/she is if they do not teach the ultimate salvation of all mankind as taught by the prophets, Jesus, His apostles and the earliest Christians. The only teaching that will bring peace to this planet is a personal realization by each individual on this planet that God loves every single one of them and will restore each and every one of them to their right minds. Repent, change your mind and receive a piece of mind you perhaps have never experienced in your life.

"And if, if I am lifted up from the earth will draw (drag in the Greek) all mankind unto Myself. This He spoke concerning what manner of death He should die." (John 12:32)

Set yourself free from these Hellish "traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect" (Matt. 15:6-9):
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Beware of denominationalism, it will eat you up alive! "What I mean is this: One of you says, "I follow Paul"; another, "I follow Apollos"; another, "I follow Cephas"; still another, "I follow Christ;" and another "Wesley;" another "Luther;" another "the Pope;" another "McPherson." Is Christ divided? " You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men? 4 For when one says, "I follow Paul," and another, "I follow Apollos," are you not mere men? (1 Corinthians 1:12-13; 3:3-4 3).

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