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Secure Donations

All donations are through a secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way.

Notwithstanding, The Pathfinder has always been our free offering to the world. A price cannot be placed on the  Word of God. It is simply not for sale. However, we do want to make free-will donations available to those who wish to contribute to this ministry as well as our personal needs. Thus, the PayPal Donation Button on our homepage for your convenience. Moreover, we are just as thankful to God for you whether you give financially to this cause or you do not. Our calling is not to build a business ministry but to spread that which has been so true and liberating to us. Therefore, since 1982 our studies have gone all over the world without ever asking for a dime. Freely we have received treasures immeasurable, and freely we will give them again and again.

Elwin & Margit Roach                   



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